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The Spinto Band - Muesli

Brilliant chalk animation by the bands’ long-time friends and collaborators Nicholas Gurewitch and Albert Birney for this pop gem of a tune from Wilmington. Apparently, this animation took them 10 months to complete (see some stills from the making of here from back in February). Totally worth it; the final product is lovely.

Get the jam on the Deleware band’s new Shy Pursuit LP, out now.

I love this video/song/album so much.

Spend an hour or so getting lost over at Albert’s vimeo account to cure what ails you.

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I think the Astros will certainly have the weirdest box scores. Like it’ll look like a lineup from a video game without an MLB license. Lots of ‘Player Shortstop, SS 0-for-4.’

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The Tigers are really working on something, defensively. In the game I saw, every defensive player was wearing a chest protector and standing behind a batting practice screen.